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Travel Themes

In addition to our overarching botanical theme, we often include other specialised themes on many of our journeys. Our itineraries combine gardens, iconic must-see destinations and the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities and touring options. All are included in the price.

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  • Culture Immerse yourself in the country or region you are visiting by enjoying a culturally authentic experience. Your journey will be enhanced by sharing a special meal, seeing a performance or demonstration, or by simply meeting a local resident and learning about unique customs and traditions.
  • Art Whether you are a complete novice or an ardent collector, certain tours or cruises contain experiences for the art lover. Encounter classical masterpieces and contemporary works, watch demonstrations or hear lectures to learn more about the arts.
  • History Most of our tours or cruises visit towns or regions that have a special connection to the past. Our local guides and guest lecturers will provide you with an enriching experience of each region's unique history. Marvel at iconic architecture, explore world heritage listed sites, visit museums and memorials to learn about the history of the places you visit.
  • Gourmet Embark on a culinary journey during these tours or cruises. Savour the finest produce, fresh from the garden, enjoy wine tastings at the cellar door and take the opportunity to try local produce or dine in iconic restaurants.
  • Music Showcasing musical experiences, these tours or cruises provide a symphony for the ears, with a selection of performances in a variety of locations.